Navigating the Hazards: The Pitfalls of Opening a Small Business

Photo Courtesy: BBuilder/Getty Images Launching a small business is an exciting venture filled with dreams of success and independence. However, it’s essential to recognize that entrepreneurship is not without its challenges. While small businesses have the potential for great rewards, they are also susceptible to various pitfalls that can derail even the most well-thought-out plans. […]

5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Lender

In today’s digital age, online lenders have become a popular choice for borrowers seeking quick and convenient access to funds. Whether you need a personal loan, business financing, or a mortgage, selecting the right online lender is crucial to ensure a smooth

How Tightened Lending Standards Affect Small Business Loans

How Tightened Lending Standards Affect Small Business Loans

According to the Federal Reserve’s quarterly Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey (SLOOS) released last month, more lenders have stiffened their standards in the wake of increasing turmoil within the banking sector. The survey report states

Banking in Today’s Uncertain Times

Bank Buildings

You work hard for your money and the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your money is safe at the bank. But with the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, followed by Signature Bank, many small business owners find themselves concerned. According to Forbes, there have been 565 bank closures […]

How to Properly Value Your Small Business

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Every small business owner should conduct an annual valuation process, to form a baseline and learn about the variables that determine its changing worth. This exercise is particularly valuable when your business is up for sale or you are trying to attract new investors, and you may also need it when applying for certain types […]