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Cactus Cash provides quick and easy money to small businesses. 

Our cash advances help small businesses thrive and grow

In every industry, small business success is the result of acting quickly on business opportunities. Traditional financing options such as banks no longer work for many business owners. Banks take weeks to review assets and profits. They require guarantees and put personal assets at risk. They want to be paid the same amount every month, regardless of your cash flow.

Revenue based financing puts you in full control of your company. This funding model is a boon to small businesses, offering the agility you need to make opportunistic and efficient business decisions. Access to funding is fast – as soon as the next day, not weeks. Your business is assessed on potential to generate revenue, not credit. You can access higher funding amounts, with longer, more flexible terms and remittances that scale to your business cycles as sales increase or decrease.

Industries we serve

Cactus Cash provides revenue-based funding to all types of small businesses in Texas.

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