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Need Funding for Your Small Business? You’re Not Alone! 

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According to small business statistics provided by, at least 70% of small businesses in the U.S. have outstanding debt. Let’s take a look at where small businesses receive funding according to Zippia. 

Loan approval rates for small businesses applying to large banks are only 13.8%

Whereas the approval rates from small banks are up to 19%, and non-bank loans have an approval rating of 24.7%. Overall, all of these approval rates are much lower than the rates for SBA loans.

32% of small businesses applying for loans now apply to non-bank lenders

More and more small businesses are applying for loans from non-bank lenders, as this percentage is up from 24% in 2017 and 19% in 2016. Merchant cash advances (MCA), also referred to as revenue-based financing, is an example of a non-bank funding option. 

20% of small business loans are denied due to credit issues

If a small business has weak or non-existing credit, this can have a huge impact on loan approval odds, which is why many small businesses turn to an MCA provider. These cash advances typically have lower requirements, including:

• Must have been in business for six months

• Must have a business checking account 

• Credit Score above 550+ (no hard inquiries, so it will not affect your credit score) 

Cash Funding for Small Businesses 

The size of the MCA industry can vary depending on the source and methodology used to measure it. Some estimates suggest that the MCA industry’s total annual funding volume in the United States ranges between $10 billion to $15 billion. 

A variety of companies take advantage of cash funding, depending on their specific needs, circumstances, and industry. Here are some types of companies that commonly utilize cash funding:

Small Businesses: Small businesses across various industries often seek cash funding to support their growth, cover operating expenses, purchase inventory, invest in equipment, or fund marketing campaigns.

Startups: Cash funding can be crucial for startups in their early stages, providing the capital necessary to launch their products or services, hire employees, develop prototypes, conduct market research, or establish a customer base.

Retail and E-commerce Businesses: Retailers, both brick-and-mortar stores and online sellers, may benefit from cash funding to manage inventory, expand their product lines, improve their online presence, or launch marketing campaigns.

Hospitality and Restaurants: Businesses in the hospitality sector, such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, cafes, or bars, may require cash funding to cover renovations, purchase equipment, hire staff, or manage seasonal fluctuations.

Service-Based Companies: Professional service providers, such as consulting firms, marketing agencies, healthcare providers, or IT service companies, often seek cash funding to invest in technology, recruit skilled professionals, or expand their service offerings.

Manufacturing and Industrial Businesses: Manufacturing companies often require cash funding to upgrade machinery, purchase raw materials, meet large orders, or expand production capabilities.

Construction and Real Estate: Construction firms, real estate developers, or property management companies may seek cash funding to acquire land, finance construction projects, renovate properties, or bridge gaps between project payments.

Creative Industries: Companies in creative fields, such as media production, advertising, design, or entertainment, often require cash funding to finance projects, acquire equipment, or cover production costs.

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